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Barcelona, Spain

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Questions regarding our coliving apartments

With how many people am I going to share the apartment?

Between 2 and 4 people depending on the flat.

What is the profile of the tenants?

Mainly (expat) workers, MBA or masters students. Locals and different nationalities. We aim to mix the different profiles in order to have a balance inside the apartment.

Are there commissions involved? What are the starting costs?

No, just 1 month deposit + paying up front for the month that you’re entering.

Which services are included in the price?

The following is included in the monthly rental price:

  • Cleaning service of 3 hours per week
  • High velocity internet service
  • In many cases new furniture and beds
  • A specialized technical team might something happen

Are couples accepted in the rooms?

In rooms marked as such (‘couples allowed’). Normally, we will charge an extra amount of 100 euros to the monthly rent marked in the publication. Example: if a room price states 600 euros, the price for a couple would be 600 + 100 euros.

Are kids accepted?

Unfortunately not.

Are pets accepted?

Unfortunately not.

Is smoking allowed?

Unfortunately not. Some apartments that have outside common areas can be used for smoking.

Questions regarding our services

What are our business hours?

Our regular business hours are from 9:30 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday.

What can I do in case of emergency?

An emergency means:

  • A situation that you’re not able to get in or out of the apartment
  • A situation where the apartment isn’t habitable
  • A situation that clearly damages the property or the tenants possessions

Only in case of these three emergency situations our general phone (+34 644 67 92 16) can be reached 24 hours 7 days a week.

During business days/hours we will attend this phone number without exceptions.

After business days/hours we will only attend genuine emergencies, if the emergency is not how is described above, if this rule is broken by the tenant we may charge a fine.

What is the cleaning service consisting of?

The cleaning service will come once per week for 3 hours. The day and time could be adjusted with our cleaning employee.

The cleaning service will only clean common areas, the floor and dust of the bedrooms.

If some of the tenants don’t want the bedroom to be cleaned that will be allowed, as long as they do a basic cleaning on their own.

Common sense of our tenants regarding the cleaning service is key, as they will only clean to a certain level. They’re not obligated to do more than the contracted hours or to clean when there is a level of dirt that is not normal in our coliving apartments.  Example: accumulating too much garbage, not keeping the things superficially clean, and tenants being unhygienic are not part of their tasks.

What are the rules of the coliving apartments?

My Blue Bricks coliving house rules:

  • Respect each other living in the apartment
  • Damage by negligence will be paid by the tenant(s)
  • Products end of their lifetime with normal use will be paid by My Blue Bricks (example: a boiler that isn’t working anymore after 10 years)
  • Respect the neighbors living in the building
  • Change and throw away the garbage daily
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after using
  • Every tenant has a private shelf in the fridge and a drawer in the kitchen area
  • Smoking allowed only at the balcony/outside area
  • Parties inviting more than 10 people: NO
  • No loud noise in the apartment after 10 PM
  • Don’t throw any tampons in the toilets
  • Turn off electrical appliances after using

Registering in the municipality (empadronamiento)

It is possible to register yourself in the municipality with living in the My Blue Bricks coliving apartments. Added in the appendix of the rental contract, a part is added that is needed to present at the municipality office.

Question regarding our rental contracts

How much of deposit do you ask?

One month deposit + the first month of the stay paid before entering the room.

What's the maximum lenght of stay? And the minimum?

Normallu, the minimum stay is 6 months (sometimes we could negotiate the minimum length) and 11 month of maximum stay. After the 11 months, there is the possibility to extend the stay for another 11 months more.

What happens if I break the contract?

In any kind of circumstances where the tenant breaks the rules of the contract, the deposit will be kept.

Are supplies included?

The services included on the rental price are cleaning and internet. For water, electricity, and gas, we charge a fix rate of 50€ per month.  In case that the costs of the rental period supplies are more that what the tenants paid, the surplus will be charged at the end of the stay.

Accepted payment methods

All payments are going to be through direct debit (automatic payments). In order for the company to set this kind of payment method, you will need to provide:

  • Full name & Adress
  • Valid ID (Passport, DNI, NIE)
  • IBAN account + Swift code
  • Sign the requested form (the company will provide the signing method)

At the beginning of the rental contract or in case of emergency, we could allow a bank transfer. However, in general, all the payment will be charged through direct debit.

We will charge the payment from the 1st to the 5th day of every month, if payment is not charged by this period of time, the contract will be terminated or canceled.

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